Pokemon White: a revolting development

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What the hell just happened?

I just want to say that my parents tried to prepare me for this. They did. They sent me to a school where I was taught that the world was six thousand years old, but when I got home they endeavored to set me straight. It was the best school choice for them at the time, but they weren’t idiots. My stepdad was a public school science teacher and an intelligent man, so he would reteach me that evolution was all a part of God’s Plan. I accepted that.

Until now.

After the jump, how I stopped worrying and came to prefer intelligent design

Fuck evolution. Seriously. Fuck it.

Galapagos turtles. Piltdown man. Lucy. You can all go fuck yourselves.

Sorry. I realize you came here to continue on my journey in discovering Pokemon White, and now I’m going all nuts about the origin of species. Fine, then I ask you, you who know this game…what the hell is up with evolution in this game? Because I had just gotten used to the fact that I was going to have to start cutting original team members. I had just come to a place of peace about that. Understanding that in order to advance in this game, I was going to have to recruit new team members who were better at fighting. Team members who could match up against “Normal Type” Pokemons. Team members I’d spent time leveling up were about to be relegated to a virtual hard drive.

I wonder if the folks who have constructed this game truly understand the emotional connections we who play the game develop with these little characters, especially those we start to commit to leveling up. This is an entirely goofy line of thought here. I realize that. And maybe “emotional” is the wrong word to use. Maybe I’m just talking about investments instead of emotions. Choosing to level up a character is a game investment. Realizing a good ways in that the character you’ve leveled up is of little or no use to you is rather jarring. Adjusting to that is weird. Awkward. A little painful. Especially when this impacts a team you’re building.

So I wonder how the folks who made this game see this. I wonder if they even do. And I wonder this because of what happened to me tonight when my beloved Tepig became…um…not Tepig.

I loved Tepig. I have no idea if he was any good in the world of this game, but I loved him. I loved referring to my team as Team Tepig. I was so proud of how he’d leveled up. Of how he was acting as a mentor for the rest of the team. I saw him as the star of my team. The player I knew I could call in at any time. My big gun. Yeah, he couldn’t help me with Lenora…at least not yet…but in almost any other battle, I knew I could bring him in.

Now? Now? Tepig is no more. Because of evolution.

Now he is Pignite. What. The fuck. Is up. With that? He looks like some party store flunky accidentally gave him a hit from the helium tank while filling the balloons for Blitzle’s birthday party. He’s almost unrecognizable to me.

I realize I should be okay with evolution. But I’m not. I’m really not. I’m sure this is supposed to be for the best, gameplay-wise. How can evolution not benefit the world of this game? But for now…now all I feel is sorrow and confusion. These feelings exacerbated by the NPC who told me, after the fact, that evolution would make my Pokemon stronger, but not-evolutioning would make my Pokemon quicker at learning.

Not evolutioning? What? That wasn’t even a choice. It was a choice, apparently, but I don’t remember it being a choice.

I don’t think this game understands how I feel about this game. And by this point in the Pokemon universe, I find this almost impossible to believe. They’ve got to understand. Question is…do they care.

Evolution sucks.

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