Daily Little Big Planet 2: cry havoc

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I’m getting to be a real sucker for these homage levels. With two exceptions. First, I don’t care for any of these community “levels” that are films. I’ve got precious little time to game, so I’d rather not spend it with your sackmartymcfly version of Back to The Future. It’s cute, but I came here to play. Second, I have yet to find a Star Wars level that is useful in any way. Furthermore, if you title your level “Dule of the Fates” I’m probably going to avoid it. Unless I’m supposed to be fighting as Charlie from The West Wing. I don’t get it. A designer puts all this time into creating a level, then spells the title of the level wrong. Come on people.

Today’s homage was pretty good, in spite of the title apostrophe weirdness (you’ll have to click the link to see what I mean). Sack of War doesn’t really play like a God of War game, but that’s okay with me. I’ve already beaten one of those games. Have I not told you that story? I beat God of War 2. On my own. Totally kicked its ass. I’m not saying that to brag or anything. Just establishing my bona fides. At any rate, aside from the overwhelming music and general harshness to Persians, this was a nice play. And a value play as well, since when you get to the end you transport over to the sequel automatically. Also, you get to ride a cyclops (pictured).

Although I did get a little nervous when I got the instruction to “Grab the cyclops and smash through the fire walls”. I haven’t heard that since my wedding night.

Thanks folks. I’m here all week.