Daily Little Big Planet 2: must go faster

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I’m not gonna lie to you. My reasons for posting this level for today are wholly superficial. First off, I love the title, which is Animal Kingdom. I love this title for reasons which have nothing to do with LPB2, but I couldn’t help jumping in just for title recognition. So I’m confessing that. Next, I got to ride Tyrannosaurus rex (pictured) and shoot a paint gun at Spinosaurus. Having a little boy has reacquainted me with dinosaurs to the point that I know far more about them than I ever knew when I was growing up, so getting to ride one in this game was pretty special. Add to that the fact that a platypus makes an appearance, and you have to avoid crocodiles and feed elephants…well, there’s a lot here.

Unfortunately the “a lot here” is in the service of basically nonexistent gameplay. The level designer tries to bribe you with a mess of community keys at the end–like I know what the hell to do with those–but by then it’s too late.

Still, I like the concept and that the designer is reaching for this epic theme park idea. Like a safari across time. Because one of the coolest things about LPB2 is that it creates a place for designers to swing for the fences. I really appreciate that.

Next time, please just give me more to do. You’ve given me the opportunity to ride my beloved Triceratops. Now…let me rock.