Daily Little Big Planet 2: me and my colossus

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I went away from Mm Picks today after a Pac Man clone tried to lull me to sleep. You know you’re in trouble while playing a level when the little ding that indicates you earned an extra life causes you to go, “Crap!” As an alternative today, I jumped into the Highest Rated category of the community levels for the first time. This immediately paid off with Shadow of the Colossus.

What can I say, really? It’s an exciting, beautiful level. You start out riding a horse and shooting bubbles. Seems rather tame. Then…a colossus. I think I just like typing the word colossus. Colossus. See? I did it again.

Oh, you also use your grappling hook to hitch a ride with a bird. This worked very nicely. It’s a pity the hobbits didn’t have one of these things.