Daily Little Big Planet 2: gateway drug

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Something is happening to me to more I play this game. Well, a couple of things. One is, I want to play this game more. When I started posting these dailies I was just popping in to try the community levels as a curiosity. I would jump on and try a few levels, take some pictures, and leave it at that. Increasingly I find that I load up LBP2 and decide to warm up with some story levels first. I tell myself I’m doing this in the name of research and background, but I’m lying to myself. I just like playing this. How else to explain why I spent half an hour this afternoon roasting (blowing up) marshmallows?

The other thing that’s happening is that playing these community levels is piquing my interest in other games. Games completely unrelated to LBP2. I really did not expect that. I like it.

I found today’s level by using Mm Picks in the community section. These are picks the folks at Media Molecule have played and “deemed awesome”. My mileage varied. I’ll talk about that later in the week. For now I want to talk about how playing today’s level, Plants vs Zombots, made me want to go shopping. It’s a simple story. I’ve seen friends play the game. I’ve read reviews. I’ve heard gushing. I’ve shied away from it because I think I suck at strategy. Then I landed in this little user generated homage to the game…and I got it. Now I want to buy it. This LBP community is so rich. It’s not just variations on a sackboy theme. It’s so much more than that. I’m finally understanding why Tom gently recommended introducing my first-grader, who isn’t into gaming yet, to this game. Creativity abounds in this place.

I’d say more, but I’ve got some shopping to do.