Daily Little Big Planet 2: 28 seconds later

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Simon Pegg will not be amused. Meh. Eff that guy. I’m fine with fast zombies. Speed is not the problem with the zombies in today’s level, Zombie land! Part: 2, and its sister levels. I died a lot because of their speed (pictured), but that’s to be expected. At least I wasn’t infected. No, the problem with these zombies is that they are spawn campers. Jerks. If you’re not careful you can lead them right to your little spawn portal and if you die, there they congregate and kill you over and over and over again as you spawn. Which I have to admit, is pretty funny.

After the jump, the cool and the not cool

Today’s level comes by clicking on “Cool Levels” in the community section of LBP2. I’ve never done that before because it sounds totally dorky, but then I realized I’d been clicking on something called “Lucky Dip” for the last two weeks, so really, who am I to judge dorkiness? These levels have been played by thousands of people, and this was one of the first ones to pop up. Basically you run and jump and shoot zombies with a paint gun. Nice. The designer, someone called Cekmeout, labels himself “the zombie guy” and has a world that looks somewhat reminiscent of a Gaspar Noe film, so I decided to try out a couple of his other levels. Good choice. Zombie Land! Part: 1 and Zombie Mansion Survival! are both well designed, the latter being especially nifty in that as you earn points killing zombies you unlock better weapons, like the strawberry gun. Here the zombies are not only fast, they’re nimble little minxes adept at dodging your fire. The former level (Part: 1) had me at hello in its choice of music. I’m a total sucker for this music, even if it is somewhat of a cliche to use this piece for a zombie level. Again, meh. I choose to think of it as an homage, rather than a cliche.

The only problem here–and it’s a glaring one to me–is that the level designer has credited the music to a friend of his, instead of to John Murphy, which you find out on his LBP profile page. You really can’t do that. In fact, across the board I’d like to see more music credits in the levels themselves. At the scoring platform is fine. Since I’m constantly inundated with messages asking me to heart the level, I’m sure designers can figure a way to credit music that isn’t the standard game music. Since music is a huge part of what makes a level work for me, I think this is a reasonable request.

Also, look at these zombies camping under my spawn point. Cut it out, jerks!