Daily Little Big Planet 2: the preferable menace

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Look at my little sackbot up there, caught in the gears. You’d think that would make me sad. It doesn’t. He’s fine. The gears are just speeding him on his way. I jumped into them on purpose after a creature hinted that I should take “a leap of faith”. I was doing this so I could “defeat the Red Menace” at some point. You read that right. Red Menace. Did I find this disturbing? Nah. You see, once you encounter your first swastika in LBP2, you can pretty much handle a little sackbot communism.

I got dipped into a level about shark attacks, and I immediately got excited. I started spinning up possible headers as the level loaded. Something about a bigger boat would be obvious, and maybe too easy. Something from the Indianapolis monologue perhaps? Or how about swimmin’ with bow-legged women? No. That’s weird.

Then the level started and it was awfulness. Just gigantic sharks attacking and my little sack dude screaming his head off in this awful manner. I shudder thinking about it. I finally figured out how to use the grappling hook to get away from the sharks and…what? A row of collectible object bubbles over my head, out of my reach, and smack dab in the center is a Nazi symbol. Here? Really?

I left feeling crappy, wondering what I was supposed to do. Report it? Give the creator a pointed review? I don’t know. It was just so out of left field. I waxed poetic about the “community” feel of this section of LBP2 previously. Doesn’t that word also suggest responsibility for those who play in the community?

I ended up just moving on and found the nice Red Menace level pictured. Actually it’s called The Fearsome Challenge. It was neither, truth be told, but it was a relief after the other level. Which I will not link to. But what I should have done, or should do…I suspect that will continue to nag at me.