Daily Little Big Planet 2: head scratcher

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This happened quite by accident. I hesitate to post about it because, well, I didn’t actually play the level. At all. I just landed in the middle of the action and watched it happen. And it was weird and disturbing and somehow touching. Poignant. I see myself returning to it. For now, however, I’m just letting this weird little experience sit.

In playing these daily levels, I’m using a selection called Lucky Dip, which basically throws me into a random community level. At the top of the Lucky Dip screen is something called “Dive In”. I didn’t know what that was, and I accidentally clicked it the other day. I was thrown into a multiplayer level in the world above. A place called sauvez willy!!. With no warning I found myself a spectator in a sackbot drama. The hapless sackbot above, with the terrified expression, was just dodging falling bits of household junk. Exploding appliances and other weird stuff. I couldn’t help. I couldn’t do anything but watch.

It was such a weird experience. I felt helpless, but completely drawn in. It’s weird how compelling these little creatures are. The expression on this little dude’s face, as he dodged for his life…it touched me. No, I didn’t play this level. It happened to me.