Daily Little Big Planet 2: zapped

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Despised Lightning Storm
All I do is burn and die
Again and again

Rather than just being crass and busting out with a statement about hating my latest level, lightning bolt storm, I’ve channeled my emotional response into a Haiku. I feel a little guilty about quitting this level without completing it, or even coming close. I never do that. I’ll stick with a wretched movie to the bitter end, usually staying through the end credits. I can think of only three books I was too annoyed to complete. I like to complete things. One of the great things about these community levels is they’re bite-sized. Even if a level is annoying, it probably won’t take long to complete. Even if its tricky, it won’t require too much of a time investment to work it out.

A quick look at my profile page on the Little Big Planet website reveals that I played this level twenty times. I’m shocked to see that, no pun intended, because I can’t imagine I played the thing for longer than five minutes in total. The level is made up of huge chunks of electrified metal falling from the sky. As far as I know, that’s all there is to the level. I never got more than three jumps in without dying. Here’s the thing. When my little sackbot dies by electrocution, ugh, the sound is horrible. And horrifying. Please note that I’m not using words like “irritating” or “annoying” or “irksome”. I chose those words deliberately. I’ve come to like my little sack dude. A lot. It’s hard not to. The little guy is adorable. His electrocution screams get under my skin. In a level where this happens intermittently this is bad enough. On this level it was constant. I’m befuddled by the life limit on these community levels. I usually wonder, in frustration, why an amateur designer would do that. Here, at last, I became grateful for it.

As I said, I’m usually driven to complete these things. This time I just felt that life’s too short to hear that awful screaming of my sackbot any longer.