Diablo II
Mark Asher - :60 Reviews - Comments - 08/24/01

Tom's review: The shortest path between 8pm and 4am is Diablo II. It is mindless, pointless, familiar and one of the best time wasters you can put on your hard drive this side of Windows Solitaire. I've probably logged 150 hours and counting with no end in sight and an expansion pack coming out next year. God help me.

Mark's review: It's the game that launched a thousand clicks. Blizzard owes me a new mouse and an icepad for my finger, but Diablo II was worth it. Five character classes, four acts, and one great gaming experience, Diablo II is the Ritalin-popping younger brother of the first in its core gameplay, but expands on that formula with an abundance of enhancements, like the cool skill system. It's the Jolt Cola of isometric hack and slash. Negatives? A questionable checkpoint save system and when released it was so popular that Battle.net crumbled under the strain.

Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Developer: Blizzard North
Genre: Action/RPG
Requirements: P233, 32MB RAM
Install Options:

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