Mario Golf Advance Tour
TomChick - :60 Reviews - Comments - 07/10/04

I don't know the first thing about real golf, although I'm told you never actually had to triple click to play. I'm guessing real golf uses some newfangled real-time swing interface like the latest Links and Tiger Woods (BTW, Tiger Woods apparently is not some cartoon character -- I'm told he's a real person).

I was a huge fan of Mario Golf's puzzley action strategy colorful whimsy. So I'm elated that it's translated so well to the GBA, with a kitschy little RPG front end that's -- thank God! -- entirely optional once you've reached a certain point.

There are, of course, some compromises made to bring Mario Golf to the GBA, but on the whole, this is a perfect fit for short entertaining session on a handheld system, either single player or multiplayer, passing it back and forth like when you play Advance Wars. In fact, I'm not being rhetorical when I ask if there's a more perfect game for the Gameboy? At this point, I don't think so.

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