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Tom's Review: The easy thing to do when you're reviewing Outlive is to take it to task for its 2D graphics, its dippy storyline, or how much it looks like Starcraft. This is the approach taken by most of the reviews I've seen. But it's a disservice to gamers to harp on the little things that don't matter, especially when Outlive has so much to offer. Outlive takes everything we've learned since Starcraft and sews it up in an eminently competent package. Well-integrated, game-bending spell abilities and technologies. A tech tree that makes a difference. Two sides with unique mechanics. The best order queuing support I've ever seen in an RTS (you can include spell abilities in a unit's order queue). Clever espionage options. Genuinely useful unit AI scripting. A fantastic routing feature that lets you drops waypoints onto the map for any unit to use. A good AI that takes advantage of units' special abilities. Neutral units who could turn hostile wandering the map. The ability to play while paused, with an option for limited pause time for each player in multiplayer games. There's a whole bevy of trumps and counter trumps in Outlive that make it superb for multiplayer matches. Outlive may not be spectacular, but to paraphrase James Carville's imperative during the Clinton campaign, "It's the gameplay, stupid".

Publisher: Take Two Interactive
Continuum Entertainment
Real time strategy
P166, 32MB RAM, 160MB hard drive space

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