Serious Sam
TomChick - :60 Reviews - Comments - 05/04/00

Tom's Review: First there was Doom. Then there was a bunch of other stuff. Then there was Serious Sam. It's Doom turned up to 11. It's Robotron 3D. It's Diablo for first person shooters. It's crowded, colorful, brainless, and ultimately boring.

Mark's Review: I'm more forgiving of Sam than Tom is. It's fun and really is one of the purest shooters we've had in awhile lots of shooting, very little else. I do have some issues with the game, though. Good games need pacing and contrasts and Sam doesn't have any. Good games need interesting AI (or need to disguise the lack of AI through good scripting) and Sam doesn't have any. I know Sam gets compared to Doom a lot, but Doom was so exciting because it was a huge leap ahead in a then uncrowded first-person shooter field. Sam is a leap back. Despite this, I enjoyed Sam in fits and starts rather than in long gameplay sessions. The more seriously you approach Sam, the less fun it is. Play it the way you'd play an arcade game; just slam in a few quarters now and then and blast away. One final comment: It's both inexpensive ($20) and quite short (10-15 hours gameplay, max).

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Publisher: Take 2 Interactive
First person shooter
P350, 32MB RAM, 3D accelerator

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