Legends of Might & Magic
TomChick - :60 Reviews - Comments - 04/10/01

Tom's Review: The fantasy setting is almost peripheral. This is Counter-Strike with lasers. Which isn't a bad thing. In fact, unlike Counter-Strike's super-lethal weapons, the 'guns' in LoMM come into play more since there aren't any one-hit kills. Couple this with three basic classes, various armors, and moderately useful spells that go beyond the fireball variety. The result is a flexible and varied game. Unfortunately, the LithTech engine hasn't looked this stiff in a long time. And the servers aren't exactly hopping. And Counter-Strike's compelling 'one-more-round' quality is somehow missing. You get the sense after an hour that you've seen all you're going to see and, hey, isn't there a new Half-Life mod you've been wanting to try?

Publisher: 3DO
New World Computing
Team-based multiplayer first person shooter
P300, 64MB RAM, 16MB 3D accelerator, 550MB hard drive space

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