Europa Universalis
TomChick - :60 Reviews - Comments - 04/21/01

Tom's Review: If you don't like this kind of game -- and we know who you are -- you won't like Europa Universalis. But if you do like this kind of game, you'll adore this one. It's so big it doesn't fit on any single screen. It's deep enough to be four or five separate games. It's so complex, you'll have to read a manual with lots of small print and very few helpful pictures. It's so slow, it may as well be turn-based. And it's so sophisticated, you just might be playing it a year from now. It is at once board game elegant and computer game ambitious. Europa Universalis is a rare delight for fans of historical strategy and easily the best of its kind since Frog City's brilliant Imperialism games. Hey, you guys who make games, do more like this one!

Publisher: Strategy First
Developer: Paradox Entertainment
Genre: Historical strategy
P200, 64MB RAM, 180MB hard drive space

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