Rallisport Challenge 2
TomChick - :60 Reviews - Comments - 06/01/04

Tom's review: In the immortal words of someone from Days of Thunder, "Racing is rubbing". It is also bumping, banging, denting, sliding, spinning, and just generally screwing up. At its best -- and I'm speaking for those of us who aren't into the whole 'run the track twenty times to memorize it before actually playing' thing -- it's a forgiving and exciting exercise in driving too fast.

And finally here's a game that really gets it. Unlike Project Gotham's insistence on smooth driving and the first Rallisport's insistence on finessing every bump and curve, this sequel has rough and tumble physics for drivers of all commitment levels. It's as democratic a racing game as I've ever played without being a dumbed down loosey-goosey arcade racer. As such, it's a perfect single and multiplayer game, stuffed with laid back unlockables and several different kinds of races. Next to my other favorite driving games, all of which are sequels -- Midnight Club 2, Burnout 2, Project Gotham Racing 2 -- this one gets pole position from me.

Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: D.I.C.E.
Genre: on-the-fly racing (vs. memorize-the-track racing)
Requirements: An Xbox

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