World War II Online
TomChick - :60 Reviews - Comments - 07/15/01

Tom's Review: Dear ma, Today I spent an hour trying to hitch a gun to a truck. It kept coming loose. War is hell. Then I transfered to a squadrom of Spitfires out of Cambrai. We got lost because the map is broken. Then I had to ditch when the ground warped into me while I was strafing some dots that might have been Germans. Now I'm assigned to a tank. This is much better, even though I spend most of my time wondering whether I should downshift and sort of talking to my squadmates in the short barks that fit on the radio interface. Luckily, the war is always ending soon since the servers don't seem to last very long. I should be home by Christmas. Actually, at this rate, I'll be home by Thanksiving. Maybe even Halloween. Or Labor Day.

Love, Tommy

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Mark's Review: It looks like a game that can command a following if Cornered Rat (did they consult with a psychic to come up with that name?) gets it fixed, but as it stands now it's a testament to man's inhumanity to gamers.

Publisher: Strategy First
Cornered Rat
Massively multiplayer persistent online role-playing strategic action (that doesn't work)
Hope springing eternal

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