Divided Ground
TomChick - :60 Reviews - Comments - 08/24/01

Tom's Review: One of the best things to happen to wargaming since Gary Grigsby and Norm Koger is John Tiller, the fellow who helped bang out and eventually shape up Talonsoft's Campaign Series engine for East Front, West Front, and then the superlative Rising Sun, which is the nonpareil of old school wargaming. Tiller recently left Talonsoft and his absense is conspicuous in Divided Ground, which uses the Campaign Series engine, sans Tiller's skilled touch, to tepidly tell the stories of Israel's twenty years of beating up on third-rate Arab armies. Kudos to Talonsoft for covering these under-represented chapters of military history, but too bad they couldn't make a compelling wargame out of it.
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Publisher: Take Two Interactive
P133, 32MB RAM, 150MB hard drive space

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