Orion Pirates
TomChick - :60 Reviews - Comments - 08/24/01

Tom's Review: The campaign is still a mess, but at least the Dynaverse stuff is finally working. Sort of. Don't get me started again. At any rate, this stand-alone expansion adds a new layer to Starfleet Command, albeit one of questionable value. The weapons are more powerful, the ships are faster, and the race restrictions on equipment are considerably relaxed. In other words, playing the Orion Pirates expansion requires less thought. It strays from the realm of stately naval combat that originally inspired Starfleet Command and farther into the reaches of sci-fi action. To fans of Star Trek, this is probably where it belonged all along. But those of us who appreciated Starfleet Command's boardgame roots are glad you can still play without Orion Pirates' whizz-bang enhancements. Read Tom's full review of Orion Pirates on Gamepower...oops, that site died. Nevermind.
Mark's Review: I haven't played it, so I can't review it. I just wanted to add that I commend Interplay for its willingness to publish a Star Trek space naval sim in the first place, much less a sequl and then an expansion. Compare this to Activision which canned the only other interesting looking Trek game in development, that Borg title being made by Cyberlore. Then again, Activision's stock is golden now and Interplay, running on impulse power, was just assimilated by the French. It's just sort of discouraging, isn't it?
Publisher: Interplay
Real time tactical starship combat
P/III 500, 64 MB RAM, 550 MB of hard disk space

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