Eurofighter Typhoon
TomChick - :60 Reviews - Comments - 08/24/01

Tom's Review: Flight sims would be better off dead if the only things to pass for flight sims were these sorts of bungled jumbles. Before you actually get into a Eurofighter Typhoon, there's this limp squadron management busy-ness you get to sit through. Then there's the stark realism of Authentic Real Time Waiting Around. When you finally get to the parts where you Do Something, the action is shunted through hard-coded missions. The campaign is "dynamic" in the same sense that sitting around on your ass is "dynamic". The actual flight simming is on par with simple sci-fi shooter stuff. And you're doing all this to save Iceland. Iceland? Whose idea was it to hinge saving the world on the fate of this frozen corner of the Atlantic? Now that the Cold War is over, most people would guess that the "GIUK Gap" is a clothing store in Swaziland and that Iceland's main contribution to the world is Bjork. Nice work, DID. A little something for everyone that adds up to nothing for anyone, set over some remote erstwhile geopolitical hotspot, in the cockpit of some airplane no one's heard of yet. Way to sell a bazillion copies of your game and dig the grave deeper for our beloved flight sims.

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Publisher: Take Two Interactive
Rage and Digital Image Design
Flight sim cum squadron management sim cum waiting sim
PII/266, 64MB RAM, 8MB 3D accelerator, 400MB hard drive space

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