Shogun: The Warlord Edition
TomChick - :60 Reviews - Comments - 08/25/01

Tom's Review: Nevermind the Mongol invasion stuff, which includes shattered game balance, 13th century hand grenades, and a dull sleek campaign in which Kublai Khan pours into Japan like a steady ethnic hemorrhage. The whole thing is pretty goofy. But the true value of this expansion is in the things it does to Shogun's original campaign game, which was at once its weak point and its strong point. It was an excellent way to breathe significance into those spectacular battles. But it was also an occasionally unholy mess that inevitably nose-dived into a mire of tedious unit management. This expansion salvages Shogun's single player campaign from its ambitious scope by adding a host of important changes, updates, and tweaks. Creative Assembly has earned a lot of goodwill with their excellent design and steady efforts to patch the game's flaws, but this finishing touch which is what Shogun should have been all along is only available by buying the expansion.

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Publisher: Electronic Arts
Creative Assembly
Real time wargaming with a strategic shell
P233, 64MB RAM, 650MB hard drive space

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