Myst IV: Revelation
TomChick - :60 Reviews - Comments - 10/05/04

What an absolutely gorgeous game, with an enchanting soundtrack. At least that's what I could tell from the first few minutes of whooshing through an exotic location in a Jules Vern style tram with an adorable and delightfully unselfconscious little girl sitting next to me, and then coming upon Myst-creator Rand Miller in his role as Atrus in a puffy-sleeved shirt delivering earnest exposition about having to go back to the first game's prison ages. Cool. I'm totally on board for this, Rand. Let's go.

But then Rand sends me, politely but firmly, to a frequency amplitude adjustment phase puzzle kind of thing with sliders and knobs. He tries to talk me through it as I fumble around. He says things like, "Don't touch that dial, it's already set", "Not that one, it's fine, trying turning the other one to the left", "A little bit more, that's not quite enough", "Maybe you should try the slider", and "You're an insufferable moron who's never going to get through this game without liberal help from the ingame hint system we've included for clueless troglodytes such as yourself". I might be paraphrasing that last one, but I'm pretty sure that was the subtext. And it reminded me that although I can appreciate the appeal of Myst's wonderful worlds, I don't really have it in me right now to beat myself against its impenetrable puzzles. So I think I'll just reclaim the 8 gigabytes of hard drive space to make room for another first person shooter.

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