Call of Duty: United Offensive
TomChick - :60 Reviews - Comments - 10/04/04

Step right up, step right up, ladies and gentlemen! Step right up to our World War II Shooting Gallery Extravaganza Redux! Knock over 3,000 Nazis and win for your sweetheart a plush pass to the next level! But remember, you have to stand behind the line to shoot and please keep your arms and legs inside the car while it's in motion! See the exciting war movie scripting right before your very eyes!

Watch canned Stuka crashes, soldiers pouring in an unending stream from hidden spawn points, and the confused hustle and bustle of AI squadmates around and in front of you! Marvel at the mind-bending spectacle of what we've done with the Quake engine! Thrill to the NPC animations of men dying, rolling, jumping, peering, and gesturing! You won't believe your eyes! You won't believe your ears! You won't believe your aching back and shoulders after you've been leaning into the monitor for six hours straight, gritting your teeth the entire time! You won't believe your battered F5 and F9 keys! So step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and enjoy the show! (Oh, and stay afterwards for some swell multiplayer action. It's Day of Defeat in the Quake engine with Battlefield vehicles!)

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