Where are the games?
Mark Asher - News - 06/11/04 - Link

Bill Harris on the front page of Gone Gold makes an astute observation -- we're at the end of a fiscal quarter, which normally means games are shipped, ready or not, but there don't seem to be many games shipping.

There are usually some outstanding, Tier One games released in June to correspond with the end of Q2 for most gaming companies. I realized today, though, that this is the leanest June I can ever remember. There's almost nothing to whet the gaming appetite coming out this month. Ground Control II, Soldner, Shellshock, and Perimeter all have me somewhat interested, but there's nothing that I absolutely have to play. In other years, those games would be interesting 'additional choices,' but this year, they're the main course.

And if Doom 3 doesn't come out in July, that's going to be a dry and dusty month as well.

The Xbox fares slightly better, but only slightly. Spiderman 2 and Driver 3 have potential, with the console versions of Spiderman 2 supposedly being astounding. The PC version, alas, is--how do I say this?--dung.
So where are the games? Why is it so quiet?

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