World of Warcraft Beta: Diary of an Undead Mage
Mark Asher - News - 06/10/04 - Link

Blizzard's World of Warcraft beta is about as smooth as a five-bladed razor, which you know the shaving companies will come up with sooner or later "It's five blades, dammit! You know you want it!" Props to The Onion.

I'm playing as an undead mage. I fireball the absolute crap out of monsters and have a magnificent time doing so, but I'm a bit worried about myself. This is the first game where I've enjoyed crafting. I'm to the point where I ask players if they have any recipes I can buy. That just feels wrong, like nipple rings when the temperature drops below freezing.

I kill a monster and eagerly see if he drops something I need for my crafting. Only 19 more silks and I can make crimson pantaloons. Someone hold me while I swoon!

See what I mean? I want to make fancy panties. This game is evil. I feel it is my responsibility to keep playing this game so I can report back to you just how evil it is. Oh, and if you're in the beta and you have any recipes, let's do some swapping. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

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