Xboy? Nope, Says Microsoft, Handheld Gaming Sucks!
Mark Asher - News - 06/10/04 - Link

At one time Microsoft was working on a handheld gaming device codenamed Xboy. They not only have apparently ditched it, but they are soured on the idea of handheld gaming completely, according to Microsoft VP Peter Moore (formerly of Sega), in a Game Industry.biz article:

Moore said that Microsoft has no intentions of following Sony and Nokia into the handheld gaming business, commenting that "we're not in that business and there are no plans to be in that business right now."
Maybe Moore, who saw Sega get knocked around by Nintendo and Sony, is a bit of a sore loser?

In fact, Microsoft is not only not planning to enter the portable business, but is hugely dismissive of the whole sector, with Moore describing handheld gaming as "a very solitary, time-killing activity."

"It's not something you share," he explained. "We believe that the future is the social element of gaming, and that's going to be done through a console, not through a handheld gaming device".
Because, you know, the idea of holding something in your hand and using it to connect to and communicate with other people is just too weird!

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