Sony's PSP $500? Atari CEO Thinks So
Mark Asher - News - 06/10/04 - Link

Atari's CEO Bruno Bonnell is guessing that the PSP will retail for $500. If you haven't followed the PSP, it's Sony's entry into the handheld gaming market and it's a cannon aimed right at the heart of Nintendo's Gameboy Advance.

The PSP is a slick-looking device with a larger screen than the GBA. It's a 4x3 inch widescreen that can also display movies played on Sony's proprietary UMD discs. It's almost as powerful as a PS2, but it's still something of a mystery device. Since it has to spin a disc for games and movies, battery life could be short, possibly in the 2-3 hour range. Parents, you can almost hear it now: "Mom, Dad, we need new batteries again!"

Most industry watchers think the PSP will retail somewhere between $249-$349, so Bonnell, with his $500 prophecy, is playing the part of the crazy old uncle you keep locked in the attic. Who knows? Maybe Bonnell is crazy. Maybe he's crazy like a fox. Maybe he's crazy like a fat and shiny red fox that gets turned into a fur coat for some snooty Baroness. You go, Bruno!

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