You sank my Perfect Admiral!
TomChick - News - 06/07/04 - Link

One of our favorite independent games was Apezone's Starships Unlimited, a one-man creation from Andrew Ewanchyna that in many ways trumped much more ambitious projects like Master of Orion 3 (as if there are many games that didn't trump MOO3) and even Stardock's Galactic Civilizations (a much closer call). While visiting Apezone site recently, we saw he's created a new strategy game.

Battleship Chess is decidedly more modest than Starships Unlimited. It's both simpler and also more clunky. But it's a great throwback to one of our favorite strategy games, QQP's Perfect Admiral. If your some young whippersnapper who wouldn't know QQP from OPP, you can download a cripped demo to take a look for yourself.

Edit: Our man in Germany, Christoph Nahr, points out that the QQP game was actually called The Lost Admiral, which we confused with QQP's The Perfect General. Which just goes to show how long it's been.

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