Unrealer and Unrealer
TomChick - News - 06/07/04 - Link

Two superlative new mods for Unreal Tournament 2004 were released this past week. Black Cat Games' Alien Swarm is a superslick team-based overhead action/arcade hybrid of Gauntlet, Loaded, and Space Hulk. Chaos Dreams' Chaos UT is a burgeoning collection of new weapons and power-ups, a melee mode, and some new game types (King of the Hill is almost literally a riot). If you enjoyed the over-the-top insanity of the old Unreal-4-Ever mods, you'll certainly appreciate this latest incarnation of Chaos UT.

Although both have spotty bot support and are best enjoyed as multiplayer mods, they're a great example of just how much game you get in an Unreal Tournament 2004 box. Here's to hoping this sort of modding talent continues to gravitate towards smooth Steam-free technology like this.

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