True Fantasy Online now just a fantasy
Mark Asher - News - 06/03/04 - Link

Microsoft announced today that True Fantasy Online, an MMO for Xbox Live, has been whacked, according to a Reuters story posted at Forbes.

Microsoft officials prominently displayed the game at last year's Tokyo Game Show, saying it would be a way for the Xbox to win over Japanese gamers, known for their love of role-playing games. After three years of development that saw the game's launch target pushed back three times, Microsoft said it decided not to publish the game because it failed to live up to expectations.
The game was slipping a release date again, so that may have had something to do with the cancellation, but the lack of success of the Xbox in Japan may have also triggered the decision.

According to game magazine publisher Enterbrain Inc, Microsoft had sold less than 500,000 Xbox consoles in Japan as of March 28 since its launch in February 2002.

By comparison, Sony has sold nearly 15 million PS2s in Japan since its launch in March 2000 and Nintendo Co Ltd has sold 3.2 million GameCube consoles since its September 2001 release.
One also wonders, well at least I do, if publishers are jumping off the MMO bandwagon? Microsoft doesn't seem to be interested in publishing MMOs anymore outside of Sigil's Vanguard. They are in the process of cutting ties with Asheron's Call, they cancelled Mythica, and now this. MMOs may no longer look like big buckets of gold to publishers.

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