Vivendi Games posts loss
Mark Asher - News - 06/02/04 - Link

Vivendi Games has posted a loss of $55M for the first quarter of this year, according to Gamespot. That's a lot of unsold copies of Tribes 2.

Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games), in which Vivendi Universal has a 99-percent economic interest, posted revenues of 77 million euros ($94.36 million) with an operating loss of 45 million euros ($55.15 million) for the first quarter of this year--approximately double that of the same period last year. The company considers 2004 to be a transition year for its games division, however, and points out that the first quarter results include a number of costs associated with bringing in a new management team and cancelling titles.
No Half-Life 2 or World of Warcraft can put a deep hole in your revenue, it seems.

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