Comcast offers subscription games
Mark Asher - News - 06/02/04 - Link

Comcast is going to offer a monthly subscription service that allows players to stream games on a play-on-demand basis, according to this Yahoo story.

Comcast said that for a separate monthly fee of $14.95, subscribers would have unlimited access to more than 60 PC-based games, from mainstream titles to educational software. New titles will be added each month, the company said.

Comcast's programming arm already has a foothold in video games, in the form of the gaming channel G4, which recently merged with the company's newly acquired channel TechTV.
The initial deal includes games like Civ 3 and Disciples 2. Beachhead 2000 is also listed, as is the first Unreal Tournament -- not exactly a stellar lineup, though the list is sure to grow.

Did Valve guess right? Is streaming games the way to go?

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