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I've had a fair bit of down time lately what with all the cab rides out to Aldernay City and back, often through Algonquin's busy streets. I'm too cheap to pay extra for the quick trip. I didn't make a half a million dollars by throwing it at cabbies and hospitals! So as I listen to the radio and the cab noses through and sometimes directly into traffic, I've been playing Crosswor DS.

I'm not exactly a crossword puzzle god. I'm lucky to make it through Wednesday's New York Times puzzle. But I dig on words enough to know Will Shortz spells his name with a 'z'. I know where Taj Mahal is and the name of Nick and Nora's dog. If I've already lost you, then Crosswor DS is for you.

When you start Crosswor DS, there are two difficulty levels available: brain dead and retarded (they're misleadingly labeled "easy" and "medium"). There are also two greyed out difficulty levels. I want those. So I've been paying my game tax by doing the sorts of puzzles you'd find in TV Guide or USA Today. Here's an example of a clue from one of the most advanced medium puzzles I've unlocked:
"I must _ _ _ _ this"
There are lots of amusing possibilities. I'll leave you to imagine them. But the solution spoiler! is "have". Eugene T. Maleska is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in his grave.

There's also stuff like this:
"I ad_ _ _ you (expression of affection)"
Note to the makers of Crosswor DS: That's not a word. It's a word fragment. What the heck kind of way is that to do a crossword puzzle? Maybe that's why you called your game "crosswor". But can I please play some of the grown-up puzzles now, or am I going to have to slog though all 220 greyed out medium [sic] puzzles to unlock them?

At least the anagram mode is a great way to ding up my Boggle skill. I like how I can move the tiles around to rearrange the letters, making it much easier to visualize the possible words. You know, I'm going to suggest to Kiki that we just stay in and play the anagram game in Crosswor DS instead of going bowling and watching me try in vain to get three strikes in a row for the Gobble Gobble achievement.

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