Midnight Run
TomChick - News - 04/29/08 - Link

I live out in the sticks, north of Los Angeles, in the foothills behind the hills above Burbank. There's a small gaming store called "Play N' Trade" (hey, at least they're honest about their angle) down the street from me. For the GTA4 lauch, I figured there might be four or five people there, especially since they hadn't announced a midnight sale. Earlier in the day, they weren't even sure if they were getting their shipment in time.

So I show up at fifteen minutes before midnight and there are about twenty people there. Twenty stereotypical gamer people. I don't need to paint a picture, do I? As I hung around the front door it wasn't a line so much as a cluster my main thought was, 'Lord, I hope I look out of place.'

There was also one hot chick in sweatpants engaging in banter about how she was there to pick up the game for her husband. "I can't believe how much time he spends on these games," she remarked.

"You should be glad he doesn't play World of Warcraft," someone helpfully told her. She wasn't quite sure what that was.

"You know that GTA4 is supposed to be like 40-hours long? Well, World of Warcraft is even longer."

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