Lies, damn lies, and press releases
TomChick - News - 04/28/08 - Link

The following is from Atari's press release for their new Alone in the Dark game, suitably unnumbered because, well, sometimes it's better to reboot than to remind people how old your franchise is:
Bursting with innovative technology, including unprecedented environmental interaction, revolutionary physics, stunning visuals, uniquely immersive user interface, and DVD style chapter select, Alone in the Dark breaks gaming clichés to fulfil the next-gen promise and change what players expect from action games.
Okay, I'll give them innovative tech, stunning visuals, and especially DVD style chapter select. That last one in particularly is pretty difficult to dispute. But otherwise, I'm calling bull on every single adjective in there, as well as many of the verbs. I doubt Alone in the Dark is "bursting", or that clichés will be broken and expectations will be changed.

To be fair, everyone's doing it, so why am I picking on Atari, who could really use a successful game? But what can I say? It's a slow day, what with waiting for GTA4 to go on sale at midnight.

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