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TomChick - News - 04/22/08 - Link

While playing Pirates of the Burning Sea, I got one of those annoying tells from a junk account, advertising a gold seller/leveling service. I hate this sort of thing as much as the next guy, so I dutifully following the developer's instructions for reporting abuse. I filed a complaint, using the ingame form, as follows:
I received an unsolicited tell directing me to a leveling up service from the following account: Zpefvfimhx ffehswzp

Yeah, that was the exact name on the account. How'd you like to see that hovering a ship at sea? Today, I received this very helpful response from Flying Labs:
Response (Justin C) - 04/21/2008 08:12 AM
Thanks for reporting this issue! It will help us prevent future occurrences. We have forwarded the information to the responsible department and appropriate actions will be taken.

Thank you again for your help!

Pretty cool, and I'm glad to know Mr. Ffehswzp will be held accountable. Except there's one little detail worth noting: I'd filed my complaint on January 26th. I suppose the wheels of justice do turn slowly.

I really liked the idea behind Pirates of the Burning Sea, but I didn't play it long enough to see how the economy or the PVP developed. I'm a bit sad for Flying Labs that they're having to collapse the game down to four servers from 11, but I hope it's got enough of an audience to keep the game going. The MMO space deserves the sort of variety Pirates of the Burning Sea offers. And Flying Labs deserves the freedom and stability to try something different again.

Like maybe finally doing something with the Delta Green license...

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