Oh, To Be a Mayor!
TomChick - News - 04/10/08 - Link

City builders are like pizza: even when they're bad, they're okay. I can sit back and play a bad city builder for hours on end. Pretty much the only prerequisite has to be that it works (i.e. the computer isn't crashing). That whole ant farm vibe does wonders to keep me starting slack jawed at my monitor. "Look at all the little people," my brain thinks. "They're like ants."

I had a great time over the holidays revisiting Pharaoh, Impressions' ancient Egypt city builder. And Tilted Mill keeps rolling out patches for SimCity Societies that tempt me to go back in for another try (the cumulative changelog apparently merits its own PDF file). Which reminds me that I keep meaning to go back and see how City Life is holding up, particularly since it seems to have been pretty successful for Monte Cristo. They've been doing a fair bit of patchwork since it first came out.

But lately, I've been busy with Imperium Romanicum. Fortunately, I'm done with it and can move on. Because it's not really the city builder I want to play when I think of city builders. Here's my Games for Windows review, which as of yesterday became a 1up.com review instead. *sniff*

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