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Logging into my underused 1up page, I recently found this comment from a 19-year-old in Texas. He'd written it back in November shortly after my (unkind) review of Hellgate: London was posted.
your hgl review is shit

if you had played past the inishel week or two you would relise how wrong you are

and the only comput problems i have ad are on intel processors, it never crashes on my amd computers

fucking wow fan boy get a life and experence the hell gate dont just write a bitch review on something that you dont know about

hgl is hella fun, and in no way can you just play a turrent, you will get killed fast if you dont move

Yeah, it's kind of funny and creepy and sad. It's easy to make fun of, which is partly why I'm posting it here. But the more relevant fact is this: it's very likely the guy who wrote it would completely crumble under the kindness of a simple 'Hey, sorry you didn't like my review, but I'm glad you're digging Hellgate. You should try a cool game called Depths of Peril. Also, keep an eye out for Mythos.'

The internet makes people jerks who may not actually be jerks. And the best way to fix that is to not contribute to it. So, hey, dude who wrote that: Try Depths of Peril when you get a chance.

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