Turbine Has the World Enough Part, But I Don't Have the Time Part
TomChick - News - 04/02/08 - Link

I wish I had time for MMOs. I'd spend all my free time as a Lord of the Rings junkie. I'd be logging into Monster Play every night and checking who has control of Tirith Rhaw. I'd be in a hardcore raiding guild, or whatever the equivalent is in LOTRO. I'd have already slain that Balrog they tucked somewhere in the endgame. I'd be whinging about the level cap and the lack of new content and how my class is unbalanced. It would be great.

Instead, I dabble just enough that this sort of thing gets me super excited:
…think of the weapon as almost like a pet that you've acquired - a full-on pet, so it has it's own XP that it gets. It gets that XP through a lot of the ways that players do: has it been involved in a particular type of battle, has it been in a particular part of the world, has it been utilized in a certain quest, has it been utilized in a certain deed, has it been slotted with a certain type of trait, you know. ... That's all on the side of "software," and on the hardware side, it's "what runes or gems have I found or acquired that I've slotted into this weapon?" a la Diablo ... So how does all that stuff mix together? The weapon has its own depth ... that will grow over time. ... It's a whole other advancement path that kind of travels along with you.

That's Jeffrey "Mouth of Turbine" Steefel telling Warcry about the upcoming Mines of Moria expansion, which will include a fancy new weapon advancement system. As an aspiring Lord of the Rings geek, I have to ask: Did Sting and Narsil go up levels? Could you stick gems and runes on them? Will this be realistic, or is Turbine simply making concession to gameplay?

At any rate, I can't wait for Mines of Moria to come out so I can wish even more that I had time to play MMOs.

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