C&C3: Wrath of Kaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnneeee!!!!!!
TomChick - News - 04/01/08 - Link

Electronic Arts' LA developer is really the only team that's carrying on the legacy of the Westwood school of RTS design. Westwood treated their RTSs as unrepentant action games, over-the-top and a little out of control, with an emphasis on character over gameplay.

That spirit lives on at EALA. Everyone else is getting all serious, coming up with inventive new twists and earnest intellectual exercises in how to advance the genre. I welcome all that stuff, but I'm happy that EALA is still around to keep it fun, sloppy, simple, democratic, and splashy. C&C3 is the mac 'n cheese of RTSs, a comfort food game that will always have a place on my hard drive. And now comes the inevitable second helping to tide us over until Red Alert 3.

"Kane's Wrath isn't particularly elegant, but that was never C&C3's claim to gaming." That's the C&C3 expansion in a nutshell. But you can click here to read the full review.

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