For the Love of Chickens
TomChick - News - 03/31/08 - Link

Today I popped the Williams Pinball Hall of Fame disc out of my PSP long enough to take a look at Flatout: Head On. It seems to be a straight-up port of Flatout 2, but with some framerate issues (note the developers: the PSP isn't just a PS2!). Still, Head On has solid physics and enough of a "joy of wrecks" vibe going to make it interesting for a while. I'll stick with Wipeout: Pulse for my PSP racing fix, but Flatout will do nicely for the occasional crunch of metal and shower of glass.

But then my brother-in-law Peter sent me a video that sapped all the joy from Head On. Like me, he was a big fan of Test Drive: Eve of Destruction. He cobbled together some choice moments from the interaction of Eve's physics system and its unlockable dynamite chicken gun. Chicken Love is a video testament to everything a game like Head On should have been.

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