Tom vs. Bruce: The Olden Days
TomChick - News - 03/26/08 - Link

Way back when, I loved Combat Mission. Today, posted the Combat Mission scenario Bruce and I played for our Tom vs. Bruce article five years ago. As I started reading it, my first thought was, 'Wait, we played Combat Mission?'

But as I read the article, I vividly recalled that match. It was one of those spectacular tactical dances that only Combat Mission could stage, equal parts detail and confusion, strategy and luck, firepower and morale. It featured a lone Tiger tank, some hearty Russians, and an agonizingly close photo finish.

But then it just makes me sad to think about how Battlefront's last Combat Mission game turned out. Man, what happened there? I haven't personally tried any of the patchwork Battlefront has done on Combat Mission: Shock Force, but I haven't heard anything encouraging.

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