``There is no places for writers in our industry.``
TomChick - News - 03/24/08 - Link

Adam Maxwell, aka the guy who made the Dirty Harry game, has argued that there's really not much of a place for writers in game development. He suggests that a developer's money would be better spent on another designer. This is bad news for Gary Whitta, Ken Levine, and Erik Wolpaw. Fortunately for them, they have other jobs to fall back on, such as adapting anime to the big screen, doing email Q&A about BioShock, and supporting the invasion of Iraq on gaming forums.

Anyway, click here to read Maxwell's provocative thesis: "There is no places for writers in our industry."

Or copy editors, it seems. Cheap shot? I can't help it. I get dinged for typos all the time, so it's only fiar I get my turn.

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