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The sequel to Monolith's Condemned hits the shelves today. I can't say I recommend it. Condemned 2 is like playing three separate games, each dramatically different in terms on tone and gameplay. If you thought it was bad having to play the occasional round of Pipe Dreams during your BioShock, wait until you have to take a break from meatily pummeling serial killers to play a watered-down CSI adventure game.

It's actually kind of sad to see Monolith sinking into this soupy gray morass of bleak industrial grunge "adult" shooters with confused gameplay. F.E.A.R. was a similar mismatched potpourri of j-horror and id-shooter. What happened to the Monolith that created inventive and exciting worlds? What happened to the guys who gave us the fiendishly clever Blood (never mind Blood 2), the bright-eyed and bushy coifed No One Lives Forever (1 and 2!), and the colorful and lively re-imagination of the world of TRON? Monolith's crowning achievement was Aliens vs. Predator 2, a game that deserves far more credit for its single player storyline and multiplayer innovation than it gets. You know all those funky multiplayer modes you can set up in Halo 3? Well, I was doing that stuff back in the day with AvP2, and I was doing it with Predators, Aliens, and real tough hombres packing state of the art firepower. In fact, I'm still doing it. AvP2 is on every single one of my computers.

As someone mentioned in our forum, it's pretty sad that Monolith's best games are their least successful, and their weakest games are their commercial hits.

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