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TomChick - News - 03/11/08 - Link

So here we are 48 hours after the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and I still can't get into an online game with regular (i.e. non-friends list) people. If I try a few times, I can match up with a single random person. He (or she) and I will then beat up on two AI players, since there's no way to play randomly matched online games with only two players. I might as well just play single player. Lord knows, there's still plenty left for me to do.

It makes me feel a little silly for writing in my review that the multiplayer "works every bit as smoothly as it did in Mario Kart for the DS". Which was true using the friends list to connect to another reviewer before the game came out! But I probably should have hedged my bets by writing something about how it "looks as if it will work every bit as smoothly as it did in Mario Kart for the DS". Because if it were to work, that's how well it would work. I guess that's the pitfall of turning in a review before a game's release.

At any rate, I suspect it's just a fumbled launch. I can only imagine the servers must be clogged with bazillions of children trying to play instead of doing their homework. At least that's what I figured at first. But I was still unsuccessful during the day today, when all the kids clogging up the servers should have been in school. Here's to hoping Nintendo irons out whatever problems the online play is having, not just so I can play online, but so the comment in my review doesn't make me look like a mendacious Nintendo shill...

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