Harder on the ones you love
TomChick - News - 03/07/08 - Link

I don't particularly mind when a bad game has a few problems with its interface, or maybe the AI isn't very good, or perhaps the music can't be turned off. After all, it's a bad game, so in a review, I've got bigger fish to fry. Why would I waste my word count on something like bad voice acting?

But what about the really cool games that do one or two important things really stupidly? That just makes me mad. So mad. Sins of a Solar Empire, for instance, is a great game that does a few things stupidly. BioShock did its ending stupidly. Rock Band did its local live play stupidly. Civilization IV did its post-release patching stupidly. And it makes me super mad when there's no easy excuse like a new developer, an impending holiday release, or some publisher mandated stupidity. That's why Culdcept Saga makes me really mad. Tom smash!

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