Cow nerf
TomChick - News - 02/26/08 - Link

I love patches. I love the readme.txts that come with them. I love scanning the list for the changes that will make a difference to me. I love seeing new hotkeys, balance changes, and interface improvements. I get giddy with glee when there are new maps.

But I mostly love the little comments that look so weird when they're taken out of context. Check out one of the changes in the new patch for Universe at War:

* Removed 5 cows from Appalachia southwest starting area


To be fair, this is significant. The Hierarcy faction in Universe at War get an instant income boost from cows. Sucking up a cow earns you an instant 500 bucks, or some such sum. Instant! So on many maps, an accomplished Hierarchy player knows to make a beeline for the cows. Five fewer cows is something like 2500 fewer space bucks, or whatever resource UaW supposes for two of its three races (for some utterly inscrutable reason, one faction has a completely different unit of currency that in no way corresponds to the other two races).

Unfortunately, there's nothing in this patch that addresses my main complaints about Universe at War, so this patch doesn't offer me much beyond being tickled at the fact that it has a cow nerf.

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