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TomChick - News - 02/21/08 - Link

If it didn't have such a weird meta message, I would have hated No More Heroes. As it is, I still pretty much don't like it. But I'm a fool for Killer 7, and I can't resist when Goichi Suda cuts loose. If he were to just keep doing bland inoffensive stuff like that little Contact DS game, I wouldn't care one way or the other. But No More Heroes felt like a bit fat goof, and the joke was on me.

From my review:
As games grow up and hew nearer to movies, we can see the points of comparison among our creative stars. We have our Spielberg (Blizzard?), our Pixar (Valve?), our Coen Brothers (Ken Levine?), our Frank Capra (Will Wright?), our Jerry Bruckheimer (EA?), our Michael Bay (David Joffe?), our Terence Malick (Team Ico?), our P.T. Anderson (Rockstar?), our George Lucas (George Lucas), and our own innumerable Uwe Bolls. Goichi Suda should be our David Lynch or our Takashi Miike. But first he needs to learn that he's a game designer before all else, and all his creative insights will go nowhere until they're anchored in a good game.

Which reminds me: How about that list of moviemaker/gamemaker comparisons? Does it bear up? Can you think of any better examples?

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