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TomChick - News - 02/14/08 - Link

Just how many people are playing that Runescape thing? How is Eve Online holding up? What about City of Heroes? How do they compare to those Lineage things that do so well in Asia?

Bruce Woodcock has updated his MMO charts, cobbled together from various data points for his best guesstimate at the numbers the companies don't want you to know. Here is the list of charts and here is his analysis of what they mean. It makes for great reading, particularly his comments on the effect (or lack thereof) of expansion packs on subscription numbers and his breakdown of the history of MMOs. If Mr. Woodcock's analysis is right, we missed global domination by Electronic Arts by that much.

His new charts coincide with the NPD's announcement that they'll start tracking "online subscription-based products". Welcome to the 21st Century, NPD. Glad to have you join us.

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