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A common complaint about Lord of the Rings Online was been the lack of solo content after level 30 or so. Unless you had a group of friends playing regularly -- and only as regularly as you, so that they weren't too far above or below your level -- it got to be pretty disheartening to see your quest log fill up with all those grouping icons. Particularly if you're averse to grouping with random yahoos and Chinese gold farmers.

I've been gradually revisiting the game over the last month, and I just tonight got one of my alts to Evendim, an area that adds post-level 30 solo content. Here's a picture of my hobbit newly come into one of Evendim ranger camps, hanging out with some NPCs who won't make fun of his hat.

I also was delighted to see today's update added a bunch of solo quests to Aughaire, an area where my level 43 minstrel had stalled. With luck, it looks like it's smooth solo sailing from here on out. Care to join me? Oh, wait, that would defeat the purpose of solo content, wouldn't it? Never mind.

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